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Empowering Independence

Welcome to Empowering Independence (EI)

Meet Us

Christine Gray - Director

Christine has over 12 years experience working with children and adults that have developmental disabilities, including one of her daughters. She has a loving and supportive family. She started EI to help provide community services to individuals and families in the rural areas of Colorado. She enjoys hiking. camping, reading and writing, and being active in the community. 

She was born at the Air Force Academy and grew up in the Colorado Springs area, spending lots of time in the summer in Florissant, Colorado at her families cabin.  


David Nichols - Day Program

     Over 8 years experience working in the field

Cyndy Swanson - Day Program

     MA in Special Education

Peggy Bodnar - Day Program, HE, PC, Mentorship

     Over 20 years experience working  with individuals that have visual  impairment

Ando Prince - Day Program, HE, PC, Mentorship

     Direct service provider assisting individuals